Anonymous asked: Sid: Y'look like ya got scratched real bad. I'll take you to Aunt Polly. *picks Tom up*

"That won’t be necessary, Sidney. I’m fine—honest. It ain’t worth gettin’ Aunt Polly in a panic over."

Anonymous asked: Sid: Yeah, I scared 'er off. So what happened b'tween you two?

"It weren’t like I was tryin’ to cause a ruckus. She snuck up on me.”

Anonymous asked: *There are sounds of rustling outside of the crate. A cat's yowl is heard. Then the crate is lifted up, revealing...* Sid: Tom? What're you doin' in here?

"Tryin’ to ship myself to Mexico—landsakes, Sid, what do you think I was doin’?”

"—Is Sanctified Sal gone?"





Beach Cat is soooo adorable!

Beach cat IS adorable. But also terrified.


"I believe reading is about relaxing and not straining your mind to understand what’s going on"

Anonymous asked: Who have you shown your new size to, and how have they reacted?

"It’s a trifle difficult to talk to anybody if they’re ten miles tall.”

"My own Aunt Polly thought I was a mouse."


July 19 1955: The Disneyland News

A 12-year-old Californian, Tom Nabbe, began working at Disneyland as a “newsie”. The Disneyland News was published monthly, covering new events happening at Disneyland. The paper cost a dime, and Nabbe earns 3 cents per copy. Nabbe went on to become Disneyland’s first Tom Sawyer, a monorail manager, manager of distribution services at Disney World. In 2005, he became a Disney Legend.

Anonymous asked: Tom, who's writing do you like more, Mr Mark Twain's or Huck Finn's?

“‘Reckon they’s about equal liars, by n’ by. They tell the truth in some parts, but chalk ‘em up however you like—they lie j’st the same.”

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Anonymous asked: Landsakes! Not even back three days, and yer already bewitched! When're ya gonna learn, Tom? -Sidney

"Now, Mr. Siddy, when are you gonna learn that not ev’ry bewitchin’s a curse?”

"Look at this cookie, for example. To you, it’s normal size—but to me it’s giant! I got more cookie for myself j’st by shrinkin’ down. Bet you wish you had that, don’t you, Sid?”



i saw these little guys at the gas station today & they were practically glued at the hip?!

"Lookahere—I made new friends!"

"They’re like kittens with six legs."


"Hmmm, no I don’t think that was the name I was thinking—almost as funny of one, though!


    “I’m Aang!”

"Aang?—Never heard that one before. And here you go callin’ my name funny. Where’re you from, Aang?”

Tom Sawyer
There were some that believed
he would be President, yet,
if he escaped hanging.
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